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Jet Set Swim photos courtesy Shamayim Photography
Ever seeking to pioneer never-before-seen silhouettes and detailing, Natalie's original beachwear and bridal designs exude her own innate passion for the juxtaposition of elegance and edge.  
The designer's collections are a reflection of a design philosophy that meshes her appreciation for the dramatic with a sensibility that appeals to modern women.  Her designs regularly feature unexpected textures and a delightfully vibrant color palette.  Inspirational cues are drawn from such concepts as traditional costume, plant life, current market trends, and her muse, the Jet-setter!
Her diverse designs vary in style to offer a silhouette to accentuate the best features of each client, instilling a confident glow in every customer.  This understanding and balance of the needs and wants of these women keeps Natalie in the best of up and coming young designers. 
Natalie grew up in rural north-central Indiana.  Surrounded by corn, four miles between two small towns (one of which had a stop light, the other just one stop sign), she grew into her creative talents starting when her mother taught her to sew for 4-H in third grade.  Her high school offered a clothing class for two semesters, but she took the course for six.  A creative drive and artistic ability, together with the motivation of creating her own Prom gown, first led Natalie to design.   After graduating from Purdue University's Apparel Design & Technology program, she moved to Houston to share her ability to let young women express themselves in fashion.
Being in the nation's fourth-largest city has strengthened the Designer's passion for the Bridal and Fashion industries, especially with her own September of 2007 wedding.  She has worked alongside Houstonian Bridal and Sportswear designers and had the pleasure of finding dream gowns for many brides in a premiere full-service Houston Bridal retail salon.

American manufacturers have recruited Natalie as their freelance designer and illustrator for activewear, wearable dresses, and innovative Bridal.  We look forward now to the launch of Jet Set Swim and the Damsel Maids Collection for retail and wholesale in 2010!

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