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Jet Set Swim photos courtesy Shamayim Photography
Dear Bridal and Evening Retailers,

We know your frustration with the offerings of today's top bridal manufacturers.  We've been to New York and Chicago and have seen the same styles, season after season, minimally modified and then copied over and over throughout the industry.  Brides want a gown they haven't seen before, a gown that conveys their very personality!  With our unique styling, you'll find that brides identify with our luxurious blend of their favorite element from their regular wardrobe, perhaps sporty topstitching or an unexpected fabric, meshed with a refinement and elegance for their special day.  For a competitive edge, contact us about carrying a very unique collection and how to offer your brides custom or exclusive designs.

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Dear Swimwear Retailers,

What started off as a sophisticated swimsuit concept has morphed into an exciting new genre. Sportswear meets swim, and the same clothes can be worn poolside or in a trendy Cabana Cafe for lunch. The coverup is no longer a contrived afterthought, but a seamless addition to each ensemble, like Hyannisport boyfriend cardigan or Shanghai kimono-sleeve jacket.  Be noticed in our sexy, sophisticated Jet Set Swim styles.

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